Farm to Vase Workshop

During this end-of-year break, I treated myself to The Pollen Mill's Farm to Vase: Floral Design and Foraging Workshop! We spent a Saturday at Soul Food Farm in Vacaville, CA learning from a fantastic florist, Kim Mills. I have had the privilage of working with Kim this year at several weddings while shooting for Mindy of Sweet Marie Photography. Kim's designs have blown us away time and time again!

The morning started off with an introduction of the herbs and plant varieties that we would be coming across on the farm, instruction on how to best clip them for our arragements, followed by a tour of Soul Food Farm. Shortly after, Kim set us free to roam the grounds to forage and gather anything our hearts desired.

Once our buckets were full of white sage, lemon verbena, and olive twigs (just to name a few) we met back up at our stations to begin the first steps of garden style floral design. Kim was so gracious to come around to each of us giving tips and pointers as requested. She provided all of the supplies including clippers, vase, floral tape, chicken wire, local ranunculus, notebooks and tote bags!

After all our "hard" work we were invited to a table in the olive fields for a spread of homemade pasta, vegetables, and small batch wine. I had such an incredible day creating with this wonderful team. Thank you, The Pollen Mill!

xo Laurie

Laurie Passey